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Application Maintenance Services and Schedule

Project Name: Injen Technology Website Maintenance


Client: Giulio Costanzo

Client contact email:

Service provided by: Global ECommerce Services and Solutions

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Project Description: Website maintenance package covers standard Magento development work such as new page with form, product Sales report, and also website maintenance activities such as backup, monitoring, security patches, seasonal promotions setup and resolution for critical website issues. This website maintenance project covers maximum total 40 hours at fixed cost model and a dedicated developer is allocated to this project. If overall work exceeds 40 hours in that month, Global ECommerce Services and Solutions will work with client to get prior approval as per the email.

List of services include:

1. Application enhancements such as new page development, report generation, etc

2. Security services including Magento security patch setup.

3. Monitoring of website

4. Installation of Magento plugins as per client requirements.

5. Uptime Monitoring services to detect down time and problems;  Generate and analyze uptime reports.

6. Housekeeping activities such as Logs clean up, Monitoring of disk space, memory and CPU usage to make sure that system is under control

7. SSL Certificate installation, renewing, upgrading and Patching.

8. Testing of websites in the event of control panel software upgrades.

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