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Advanced Product Labels is an easy and powerful Magento Extension for your Online store. Highlight the products with Labels to get noticed by the customers. It makes the customers to know the latest offers and discounts just by seeing the product image.

How to Install Advanced Product Labels Extension

Step 1.

Take a backup of the Magento files before replacing

Step 2.

Extract the files inside Magento Installation Root

Magento_App_Root folder is same as your Magento Installation directory

Note:  Folder structure for default theme


Where <default> folder is based on default theme. Please copy the template folder into your specific theme folder

Step 3. Refresh Сache.

Log into Magento Admin Panel and go to System → Cache Management→Select all → Select Refresh→Submit



Step 4. Re-login.

Log out and back into Magento Admin Panel.

Step 5. Enable extension.

a)     Go to System → Configuration. In the left column you will see the new tab → Kamtech→Product Labels



b) Enable extension for the whole website or selected store.

Step 6 . Provide product image sizes.

Now extension is installed and enabled.

How To Create A New Label:

After you enable the label under System→Config→Kamtech

Navigate to Catalog→Product Labels where you can see the grid of the existing labels and option to create new one.



From the list of existing labels you can select the label that you want to edit



To Add a new Label,Click Add Item.

To show the default label Select the “Show Label” option as “NO” and upload the image.

Using the buttons “up”,”down”,”right”,”left” you can locate the label as you wish.

How to Upload our Own Label Image:

Select the Showlabel Option to be “No”.

Browse the file and upload it.You can find the “Sample Images” are added in the Package.

to view the image you have uploaded Click “Save and Continue to edit”,the uploaded image appears under font dropdown box.

Using the buttons “up”,”down”,”right”,”left” you can locate the label as you wish.

How To Edit the Labels:

Click on the existing label that you already created and the following screen appears.

NOTE: Labels will be displayed in both catalog view and product view image.



Finally save your Item after Editing.

How To add Labels to your Products:

Catalog→Manage products→edit the product for which you would like to add the labels. The product information screen appears.

Click on the General tab and select the label from the ProductLabels listbox.Save it.



And this is how your label appears in the Catalog Page.



This is how our label appears in the Product View Page



How to uninstall the Advanced Product Labels extension

Please follow the instructions below to uninstall Advanced Product Labels and remove from your website.
Step 1: Go to the location app/etc/modules/Kamtech_Productlabels.xml file
Find the line of code true
and change it to false
Step 2: Remove or Rename all this extension related files in local and design folder (frontend, adminhtml and layout)
Mostly this extension related files are located in theme template. So you must need to remove or rename the files under theme folder.
Step 3: Write the below SQL query in database.
DELETE FROM eav_attribute WHERE attribute_code=’productlabels’;
Note: If your database table having prefix You need to add it before table name.
for example mg_eav_attribute.
After executing this query,go to admin then Refresh the Cache in System->Cache Management and Re-index data in System->Index Management.


If you have any questions or issues, please contact technical support team via