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Call Us for Price extension hides product price and add message ‘Call Us for Price’ in Product/Category Pages.

Video Tutorial

Are you familiar with Magento extension installation? If so, you can quickly watch this Video tutorial to perform the installation.

Watch Video Tutorial

How to Install Call Us for Price Extension

1.Take a backup of the Magento files before replacing

2. Extract the files inside Magento Installation Root

Magento_App_Root folder is same as your Magento Installation directory

3. Folder structure for default theme


Where <default> folder is based on default theme. Please copy the template folder into your specific theme folder

Steps to be followed in admin panel to setup attributes

Step 1: Create Attribute

Catalog –> Attributes –> Manage Attribute

Call us for Price Screen1


Step 2:

Click the button “Add New Attribute”.

Attribute code: activate_call_for_price

Unique value: No

Values Required: No

Catalog Input Type for Store Owner=Yes/No

Select  all option yes for Use in quick search, Use in advanced search, Comparable on Front-end, Use In Search Results Layered Navigation, Allow HTML-tags on Front-end,

Visible on Product View Page on Front-end, Used in product listing, Used for sorting in product listing

Call us for Price Screen2


Step 3: Create Attribute Set

CatalogàAttributesàManage AttributeSet

3.1 Click on default

Call us for Price Screen3


3.2 Click the button Add New under Groups

You can find a pop up Explore User Prompt. Please enter the group name “Call us for price”

Call us for Price Screen4


3.3 Kindly drag and drop the attributes under Unassigned Attributes under the group you have created.

Call us for Price Screen5


Refresh Magento cache.

Admin Panel – >System-> Cache Management –> Select all Check boxes– >Flush Magento Cache

Call us for Price Screen6


IMP NOTE:After refresh magento cache, Please Log out  and log in the magento admin

How can we test Call us for price extension Working?

1. Go to admin->system->configuration->call for price

Call us for Price Screen7


Activate Call for price : You can disable or enable the call for price extension by giving yes or no

Content- This is the content will display in front end

2. Enable call us for price extension for product.  Go to the product which you want to show call us for price text, Catalog->Manage products->Product information->Call us for price

Call us for Price Screen8


List page and view page view if enabled

Call us for Price Screen9



Call us for Price Screen10


How to uninstall the Call us for price extension

Please follow the instructions below to uninstall Call us for Price extension and remove from your website.
Step 1: Go to the location app/etc/modules/Globalecom_Callprice.xml file
Find the line of code true
and change it to
Refresh the Cache in admin panel->System->Cache Management
step 2:Roll back the original list.phtml,view.phtml files which is used previously before install this extension in the following locations.This path vary as per the web site theme/template used.
If there is Theme template folder then please follow this location
app/design/frontend/default/(Your Theme Folder)/template/catalog/product


If you have any questions or issues, please contact technical support team via