Rush Fee Delivery Installation


Rush fee delivery enables to set up additional options for Rush Order and charge additional amount for the added service. It ensures your customers faster delivery. Options can be added for Express Delivery, Next Day Delivery, Delivery on Weekend. Customers have options to choose or skip Rush Fee. Once the customer selects it, Rush fee will be added into the Cart.

How to install Rush Fee Delivery Extension

1. Take a backup of the Magento files before replacing

2. Extract the files inside Magento Installation Root
Magento_App_Root folder is same as your Magento Installation directory

3. Folder structure for default theme


Where <default> folder is based on default theme. Please copy the template folder into

your specific theme folder


For Magento 1.4.x, 1.5.x, 1.6.x the template folder structure would be


Steps to be followed in admin panel

Step 1: Create Attribute

Rush Fee Delivery-Screen1


Click the button “Add New Attribute”

Rush Fee Delivery-Screen2

Rush Fee Delivery-Screen3


Attribute code: rushdeliveryallowed

Catalog Input Type for Store Owner: Yes/No

Unique value: No

Values Required: Yes

Select  all option Yes for Visible on Product View Page on Front-end, Used in product listing

Manage Label/Options : Rush Delivery Allowed?

 Step 2: Create Attribute Set

Catalog–>Attributes–>Manage AttributeSet

Rush Fee Delivery-Screen4


Rush Fee Delivery-Screen5


Kindly Drag and drop the unassigned attribute “rushdeliveryallowed” into your respective groups hence we get the following screen

Rush Fee Delivery-Screen6


Click on Save Attribute Set button. Now you can get the “Rush Delivery Allowed?” option (yes/No) for every product.

Step 3.Add Products and Assign under Rush Fee Delivery Category

Catalog–>Manage Products–>Add Product

Rush Fee Delivery-Screen7



Catalog–>Manage Categories–>Add Rush Fee Delivery Category

Rush Fee Delivery-Screen8



Step 4. Add a new CMS page for Rush Delivery

CMS–>Manage Pages–>Add New Page

Page Title: Choose Delivery options

Self URL: choosedeliveryoptions

Status: Enabled

{{block type="catalog/product_list" category_id="42" columnCount="5" template="catalog/product/chooserushfeedelivery.phtml"}}
Rush Fee Delivery-Screen9

Rush Fee Delivery-9A



Rush Fee Delivery Category id

Frontend view of Rush Delivery Options 

Rush Fee Delivery-Screen10

Rush Fee Delivery-Screen11


How to uninstall the Rush Fee Delivery extension

Please follow the instructions below to uninstall Rush Fee Delivery and remove from your website.
Step 1: Go to the location app/etc/modules/ Kamtech_Rushfeedelivery.xml.
Find the line of code true
and change it to false
Refresh the Cache in admin panel->System->Cache Management
Step 2: Remove the file chooserushfeedelivery.phtml in the following location.
This path maybe vary as per the website theme/template used.
app/design/frontend/default/(Your Theme Folder)/template/catalog/product
Step 3:Please disable or delete the Choose Delivery Options CMS Page in your admin panel.

If you have any questions or issues, please contact technical support team via